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The Media Situation in Yugoslavia


Available Media

  • Television
  • Daily Newspapers
  • Magazines
  • Radio
  • Outdoor


General Media Situation

  • Domination of TV
  • Radio has a significant position for advertising purposes
  • Daily newspapers have low circulation
  • There are many magazines in Yugoslavia, but circulation is low with very few exceptions. Quality of print is still a big problem, although there are some positive tendencies in this sense
  • Outdoor advertising is a novelty on this market


Television - General Situation

  • Television is the most important medium in FRY
  • Majority of the population watches TV
  • Large part of the population follows no other media
  • The most powerful medium for shaping of the public opinion


TV Stations Profiles

  • RTS - the largest state-owned TV station, covers entire Serbia and parts of Montenegro with three TV channels. The only TV station that covers entire Serbia. Highest ratings. Various programming. RTS1 - News are most important. RTS2 - oriented towards sports programs. RTS3K - music, series and films.
  • TV Pink - the largest, most popular and fastest growing private TV station. Currently the most interesting TV station for commercial purposes. Covers the major city centers in Serbia. Entertainment, music, films program. Most popular among the younger population. High ratings. Open for communication and negotiation.
  • BK Telecom - a TV station concentrated on the Belgrade area and on northern Yugoslavia. Dynamic, modern and fashionable concept. Short programs of different profiles (entertainment, science, news).
  • TV Palma - Belgrade oriented TV station. Does not have a constant profile. Entertainment and sports programs. Cheap films and series. Cheap seconds. Good for frequency building.
  • Studio B - TV channel owned by the City Assembly of Belgrade. Highly politically influenced in almost every aspect. Sudden changes of staff, programs, editorial policy. Most popular for its news program


TV - Media Buying

All discounts and rebates on TV stations depend on several factors:

  • Dynamics of payment - prepayment campaigns are most frequent because of the unstable monetary situation
  • Budget amount - higher budgets get higher discounts
  • Duration of campaign - continuous advertisers are in a better negotiating position
  • Negotiation - everything is negotiable to a certain limit
  • Special agency relationship with TV stations - agencies with big clients and good relationships with TV stations have a separate treatment from others.


Print - General Situation

  • Large number of specialised newspapers and magazines
  • Low circulation
  • No research
  • Low print quality
  • High prices


Newspapers - Current Situation

Daily Newspapers with the biggest circulation:

  • Politika (state owned)
  • Blic (private owned)
  • Vecernje Novosti (state owned)
  • Dnevni Telegraf (private owned)


Magazines - Current Situation

The most interesting ones for advertising purposes are:

  • Exclusive:
  • Profil
  • Dama
  • M Magazain
  • Political:
  • N. Telegraf
  • Vreme
  • Entertainment (music, films, etc.):
  • X Zabave


Radio - General Situation

  • Listeners tend to be loyal to radio stations - targeted
  • Radio time is very cheap in Yugoslavia
  • Possibility of negotiating sponsorships, announcements, and other types of special arrangements
  • A large number of radio stations


Outdoor - General Situation

  • Attractive and well organized outdoor advertising is a novelty in this country
  • Great influence, especially in Belgrade
  • Notable development in this area
  • Extremely high prices
  • Alma Quatro, Multimedia, Europlakat, Akzent Media


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